To us 'Mobius' represents continuity till the infinite edge. The process has to be continuous , ever evolving , creative, reaching till the extreme unseen point. We believe that each of our client has a pattern in life. We thrive to get into the basic geometry of their pattern and reach till the infinite point, to create the space which is unique to them. The space which is replica of their personality and context. In architectural terms the practice is interested in the initial diagram and idea of each project and exploring it’s potential through the design process. The inspiration for ideas comes from a range of influences, with no fixed or preconceived viewpoint. We try to design and make good spaces with uncomplicated buildings. We believe that delivering good buildings is also about the relationship between the people who are part of the process. We listen to our clients and maintain a close dialogue with the consultants, and contractors throughout the project. For us quality of design is about delivering value for money alongside comfort, functionality and delight.